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> Hi
> I´m needing right now ubuntu studio on my netbook, and I don´t have an
> internal nor external dvd unit, so I just can´t install it normally with the
> burnt ISO. Anyway I found out how to do it with the Unetbootin app, and the
> "cannot find cd fix" (cdrom-detect/try-usb=true) because it can´t be done
> otherwise... maybe you should check that yourselves and do it for us
> newbies... :) it would be really helpful
> The thing here is that I can´t access an ethernet cable in order to
> retrieve the packages from the web... this installer doesn´t recognize my
> wifi card, Is ther any way of doing it?
> Thanks
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> this should address your issue can also just use
the normal ubuntu live CD, install, then add whatever packages you want that
would be included in ubuntustudio... the later is usually what i do on
netbooks/laptops... enjoy

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