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Juan David Agudelo juancho2374 at
Tue Mar 22 14:38:37 UTC 2011


I´m needing right now ubuntu studio on my netbook, and I don´t have an
internal nor external dvd unit, so I just can´t install it normally with the
burnt ISO. Anyway I found out how to do it with the Unetbootin app, and the
"cannot find cd fix" (cdrom-detect/try-usb=true) because it can´t be done
otherwise... maybe you should check that yourselves and do it for us
newbies... :) it would be really helpful
The thing here is that I can´t access an ethernet cable in order to retrieve
the packages from the web... this installer doesn´t recognize my wifi card,
Is ther any way of doing it?


Juan David Agudelo
Cel: 315 479 0010
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