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Filipe Lopes falktx at
Mon Jan 3 16:26:35 UTC 2011

Hi there

I'm sharing an idea that I think can help UbuntuStudio.

Currently the Multimedia menu (audio) is too big that doesn't even fit on
the screen...
In KXStudio, I divided this menu into more sub-categories, not just audio
and video production.

Here's my proposal for new sub-categories:

--- Audio Plugins
stuff that is not able to play patterns or sequences of data, only generate
sound, also plugins hosts and mastering stuff
examples: yoshimi, phasex, amsynth, calfjackhost, jamin.

--- Audio Production
stuff that is able to save/load projects, patterns or sequences
examples: seq24, rosegarden, qtractor.

--- Audio Tools
other stuff that doesnt fit in production or plugins, like patchbays, but
are not hardware specific (that goes into 'Hardware Configuration')
examples: patchage, jack-keyboard, gjacktransport

--- Disc Production
apps that can manage/create cds and dvds. there are a lot of tools for this,
thus s special submenu for it.
examples: devede, qdvdauthor, dvdstyler.

--- Hardware Configuration
apps to configure hardware, or manage jack
examples: hdspconf, qjackctl

--- Video Production
apps that manage video, and possibly audio as well.
examples: xjadeo, kdenlive, openshot, pitivi

What do you think?
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