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Wed Dec 28 00:38:00 UTC 2011

On Tue, December 27, 2011 12:29 pm, Ralf Madorf wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-12-27 at 11:44 -0800, Len Ovens wrote:
> Thank you :)
> a good start, but I guess it needs some additions.

Just barely started. There is just a bare framework showing the things I
have thought of that need to be covered. I have done something on internal
audio bits and something on dual monitors. I think those parts are usable,
the rest are all todo.

> What I like is that your blog isn't pretentious, some people might
> discount it as naive. IMO there's too much shoptalk and to less useful
> information about Linux audio in the Internet, especially for newbies
> who need some basic information.

That is why I started with internal hardware... There's not that much you
can do to help it, but the things that can be done make the difference
between ok and really bad.

> For your blog there's still some information missing. I'm short in time
> at the moment, so I can't write more now, but for example there should
> be a link to
> I like your blog, keep it that way.

I also only have so much time. I was able to do what I have done so far
off the top of my head. My idea was to have a separate page for each of
the topics covered. Anything on the front page is just intro. Enough to
help you decide which part will help you.

> 1. You did a good job


> 2. Take a look at Linux audio org. Perhaps you can contribute something,
> in other words, simply make your blog part of it.

They are welcome to take whatever parts they like. I don't have the time
to take on more responsibility, but I do want to see Ubuntu Studio be more
usable. Maybe with some docs more people will use it and contribute to it.

> PS:
> I didn't follow and read the links. I'll do ASAP, I already see that you
> wrote about impedance. This easily can lead to become shoptalk. Among
> other jobs, I was an engineer for Brauner microphones. Shoptalk won't
> help, but I guess some links to "commerce" could help, but might be
> unethical. I'm thinking about e.g. cheap, but anyway professional mic
> pre-amps, such as those from Arts.

I'm trying only to give enough to say there are issues. A dynamic stage
mic at 150 ohms may have some what thin sound going into a 1meg input. The
power riding on a mic input would hold the diaphram off center too.
Running into a line input at 10k is less of an issue. Condenser mics
probably wouldn't care as they have an amp to buffer things inside. I use
a little kawai 4 channel mixer. One mic pre and 3 line... but they will
handle guitar straight in (-20 option) The Arts look good too. The thing
is real quick a USB audio interface with pre amp is just as cheap... and

> Btw. I did a lot of home recording by ignoring impedance for mics and
> guitars. Sometimes it's even possible to ignore the "+4dB vs -10 to -20
> dB" issue.

Yup. Most +4 equipment is quiet enough to handle -10 inputs, but internal
mic preamps are not quiet. Those who know anything won't need what I have,
those who don't are probably wondering why their system has so much noise.
Z gets mentioned for those who know to see where I'm going. hopefully it
won't get in the way of the newby.

Len Ovens

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