Len Ovens len at
Sat Dec 31 06:29:07 UTC 2011

Just a quick clarification. One of the times we were talking about docs,
you mentioned that xubuntu uses yelp. There is a yelp.desktop in
/usr/share/applications which means it should appear in the main menu
somewhere. It shows the name of the menu item being "help". And there is a
menu item called help... but the tool tip is different, it says "help
using Xfce" but the yelp one should say "Get help with Unity". (left over
from ubuntu desktop I would guess) The real menu item is xfhelp4.desktop.
This item runs xfhelp4 which only seems to start the default browser
pointed at:


I would like to use their cover page with our logo inserted (or added). It
seems to point to all the general ubuntu stuff with only the one link to
xubuntu docs. They have put their files where I expected to put mine. In
fact I would like to keep the xfce docs in there too. It would be easy to
change the desktop file to have the word ubuntustudio in the tool tip.
Need to find out if this is ok with the xfce4 people? or xubuntu?

So yelp is the ubuntu standard help, xubuntu has local files that show on
the browser.

Len Ovens

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