leaf/mousepad and saved settings

Сергей shnatsel at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 12:49:38 UTC 2011

> GUI apps that are designed to think what the user might think are exactly
> that kind of PITA that made me switch to Arch Linux. I'll encourage any
> major distro to fall back to a KISS principle.

KISS is a good idea, but editing text file configs scattered across
the system is not. Windows 7 is a great example of complicating things
by trying to simplify them, but not all GUIs are that bad. Look at
elementary OS - they're making things simpler by making apps smarter.
In the unstable version they've ditched minimize button by making apps
act smarter, so you simply don't need to care about explicit
minimizing and memory management anymore (e.g. a text/code editor
takes up exactly where you left it after being closed, music player
exits only if it's not playing anything and takes up exactly where you
left when brought back, etc). They're ditching fullscreen button in
image viewers and video players by making maximize button make them
fullscreen (did you ever need to maximize an image viewer or player
instead of making them fullscreen? really?!) while other apps maximize
as usual.

I'm not an audio enthusiast really, but last time I tried to switch my
n00b GStreamer + PulseAudio + ALSA setup from 44100Hz (or was it
48000Hz?) to 96000Hz it was such a PITA that I gave up after editing
two config files, one of which didn't even exist, and reading
incomplete docs for half an hour. You can blame me for this, but I
want at least a GUI with a sampling rate dropdown, with automatic
on-demand sampling rate switching being a proper solution (just like X
adapts to monitor resolution without me editing the goddamn xorg.conf
and whatnot).

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