leaf/mousepad and saved settings

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> It's completely impossible that any distro will ship with perfect configs.
> E.g. not everybody has a RME card, hence it's ok that the first audio device
> entry for rtirq is snd. But what if you have several PCI MIDI interfaces
> connected and a PCIe card from RME?

>From the UX point of view, the OS should detect your configuration and
choose the most appropriate default configs automatically. These
defaults probably won't work for everybody either, so there still
should be a better way than editing config files, e.g. a configuration
GUI. If your users have to manually edit config files, you're doing
something wrong. So shipping an editor is a workaround, not a


GUI apps that are designed to think what the user might think are exactly that kind of PITA that made me switch to Arch Linux. I'll encourage any major distro to fall back to a KISS principle.
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