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Tue Dec 6 18:26:38 UTC 2011

I just tested jack with audacity, which I normally run an ALSA. Works fine, just have to edit preferences on switching back and forth. If I could get flash to work with jack, it would solve the netbook's problem that alsa cannot handle mono output directly on some soundcards without mono output support. Pulseaudio fixed that-at the price of killing video playback with CPU consumpiton, so it had to go. Starting jack at boot would be as simple as writing a "jack.conf" file for /etc/init that would start it as an upstart job.  Qjackctl should then allow manually stopping jack for any applications not compatable with it, then restarting it after closing the offending apps down. Ideally all programs in a default install would work wioth jack for this, making jack completely replace pulseaudio.
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> On Mon, December 5, 2011 2:02 am, ?????? wrote:
> > Len, how is jackd started in Ubuntu Studio currently? If it has an
> > Upstart job, it will be very easy to check if it's needed and launch
> > it (well, in theory).
> Right now most people are using qjackctl to start jack, but I think the
> goal is to have jack running all the time from login to log out if we can
> get all the apps that use sound to behave well with it. (gstreamer, flash
> etc.) I am pretty sure qjackctl can be given any file as a startup file as
> long as it is executable.
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> Len Ovens

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