Short version: Possible UI cairo-dock/Unity/compiz

Luke Kuhn lukekuhn at
Fri Apr 22 02:31:02 UTC 2011

A longer version of this with screenshots was too big for the list, so here's the short of it:
Here's my suggestion for the next UI, I am using a version of it right now.

Cairo-dock with main menu button on the left, icon for menus ubuntustudio button.  This ishow I got back the full Ubuntustudio menus that are lost in both gnome-shell and Unity.
Compiz/Unity, compiz outperforms Mutter  and is more configurable
Apply my bugfix in ubuntustudio-look to get white text in Unity:
Port ubuntustudio theme to include gtk3, I am using a rough version but have gtk2 and gtk 3 apps looking almost alike.
When GNOME 3's version of nautilus is brought in, set it to manage the desktop and draw icons, will work essentially the same as the previous nautilus. I am using it now, along with GNOME3 versions of everything I use for which they are available except GDM and the network manager. I can run Unity or gnome-shell with almost identical function and nearly the same appearance. 		 	   		  
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