US website theme RFC & request for screenshots

Jorge G. Mare jorge.g.mare at
Wed Apr 20 06:39:37 UTC 2011

Hi Eric,

On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 10:06 PM, Eric Hedekar <afterthebeep at> wrote:


> 1) The admin link should not be anywhere on the
> site.  All the people who have access to the admin of the site, know how to
> get there without the clickable link.  This just encourages attempted
> security intrusions.

Only users with the "admin" role will see the links to the
administration area, so no worries.

> 2)  Is there a usecase for a user profile page?  i.e.
> who will have authority to create content on the site?

Permissions are fine-grained and can be based on user role and content
type; moderation can also be used if desired (i.e., an anonymous user
submits an article, it goes into a queue and it is published only
after revision by a trusted member). Long story short, pretty much any
desired scenario can be achieved. This can be discussed (perhaps on a
separate thread?) at a later date, though. Right now I am trying to
get the looks right. :)

> 3) Can we see a few
> screenshots outside of the admin login (i.e. a new blog post or story
> without the edit links above)?

This coming weekend or early next week I will have something online
for everyone to play with.

> And one not-so nitpicky thing that could be a major thorn for us eventually;
> the twitter feed - which is a great idea (I'm fine with just grabbing any
> #ubuntustudio hashtag post) - inherently relies on a new drupal module being
> loaded to the site.  Any new drupal module will need to undergo a full
> scrutiny by Cannonical's web security team before their admins okay its
> upload.  This means we need to decide upon which modules we'll need for this
> web update/revamp sooner rather than later and get that process underway.

Although at this point in time I do not know with certainty which
modules I will be using, I do expect to end up using multiple modules
in addition to Drupal core, so this requirement may become a real



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