Ubuntu Studio 11.10 UI discussion. GNOME3, Unity, XFCE and Studio users workflow.

Ronan Jouchet ronan at jouchet.fr
Fri Apr 15 17:42:36 UTC 2011

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 10:28 AM, Scott Lavender
<scottalavender at gmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
> Cory,
> Do have an idea of which dock you are considering.  I would really like to
> talk to the developer (whomever it is) about my idea of a "context" area for
> work flows.
> My idea is pretty simple but slightly hard to explain.
> The dock would be  divide into a left "static" section and a right "dynamic"
> or "contextual work flow" section.
> The left side would contain all non-work flow launchers that would remain
> there always visible.  For example, these might include Firefox, Gedit,
> Terminal, Nautilus.
> The first launcher on the right side would contain a "context" or "work
> flow" selection launcher..more of a pick list really.  You pick which work
> flow you want and this controls what other launchers on the right side are
> visible.
> For example, if you wanted to record audio then you pick the "record audio"
> work flow from the selector and qjackctl, Ardour, Hydrogen, Rakarrack, and
> guitarix launchers might be visible.  If you were to pick "mastering" then
> perhaps qjackctl, ardour, and jamin would be visible.
> We could ship a sane default of both "work flow" selections and applications
> for each selection.  However, users should be able to easily modify them and
> add new ones.
> The upshot to all of this is that you will not need to drill down menus, nor
> even need menus.  Well, conventional menus.  Additionally, you will not load
> up your dock with a bagillion launchers and have to try to sort through
> them.  When you wish to perform a certain task, you adjust the selection on
> the right side of the dock and only those launchers that support your
> workflow are visible.  Add to that that users can modify or add or remove
> both selections and applications and I think this is a win.
> Whew.  Not that I said all that, Cory do you have a feeling which dock you
> are considering?
> ScottL

Avant Window Navigator (AWN) can do this. It is quite customizable,
has decent implementations of applets, works great, and is stable.
It's what I set up for my mom on her 10.10 machine.


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