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> Le 24/08/2010 19:04, Scott Lavender a écrit :
>  Crimsun has mentioned that the user shouldn't be added to the audio group
> at all for real-time privileges.  My understanding is that privileges are
> granted by ConsoleKit for the active user at the keyboard.  Unfortunately,
> that is the extent of my understanding.
> You can see his explanation beginning at [20:09] here:
> I haven't tested this though and I don't think the user has been removed by
> default from the audio group for maverick at this point.
> ScottL
>  ScottL,
> Jack from Ubuntu 10.04 repositories won't start in real time if the user is
> not in the audio group. For that, you have to use the jackd 2 from the PPA
> of falk-tj, on Launchpad.
> Are you using his backports as a base for maverick ?
> Toine

No, I was not using Falk's PPA.  I have a Lucid install (with in the audio
group) for my main recording box.

But I have also done some testing of Maverick (which I believe included
JACK2 at the time) although I didn't explore if I was part of the audio
group.  I plan on installing the new Beta and seeing if JACK2 is still
installed by default,  if the user is in the audio group still, if real-time
is granted for JACK, and how the integration between Pulse Audio and JACK

I had done some previous testing between JACK and Pulse earlier, which was
encouraging.  If anyone is interested you can read it here:

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