Putting the cart before the horse. (was: Final Notes on the Ubuntu Studio Website)

Benjamin Turner passionsplaydesign at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 16:53:40 BST 2010

I updated the revamp wiki to include a fictionalized "target audience" - his
name is James!  I do this profile creation a lot when I'm working on a
project -- kind of puts a face to who I'm trying to design for.  Anyway, I
tried to create a person that we want to be using Ubuntu Studio (even though
he isn't the only one, he is the 'main' one)  Have a look, and see if it's
kind of who everyone imagines our target user to be.

Also, I made some updates to the Audio Horizons theme:

Keeping James' needs in mind, I tried to simplify things down, and make it
easy to a) find out why Ubuntu studio is right for him and b) once he tries
it, how he can get various tasks done.

So in reference to a) the main page is almost entirely devoted to What
Ubuntu Studio *is* and how it can help *you*.

As for b) I tried to make it easy to navigate lots of information.  The main
categories are accessed from the top 'main nav' while secondary navigation
changes on the left with each 'category' selection.  Specifically for the
Support section, I envision a brief blurb for the major programs included,
(Why is it that Jack is the first thing you start for everything audio?)
with links to additional help.  Additionally there would be a 'Task' section
that would outline the workflows and tools needed to get a task done.

So yeah, let me know what you think!

-- Benjamin
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