Putting the cart before the horse. (was: Final Notes on the Ubuntu Studio Website)

Jussi Schultink jussi01 at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 5 08:15:45 BST 2010

Hi Takashi,

On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 7:25 AM, Takashi Sakamoto
<o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp> wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> In this kind of work, the screenshot is more powerful to give our
> opinion than some comments. Would you please look at the screenshot I
> attached?
Ive let your message through this time, but in future, please link to
screenshots or pictures, not attach them. For other guidelines for
mailing lists, please see:

> 0.scott_grid_analyze.png
> I think this mocup has much information in a first browser screen and a
> bit difficult to get the informations to need.
> Then I re-align some components which you made and put some shots from
> current ubuntustudio.com.
> https://wiki.ubuntulinux.jp/Mocchi?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=1.takashi_modified.png
> I change the logo to Cory K.'s Ideas because I want to put the COF
> circle's color as key color.
> This is the Grid-Analyzxe.
> https://wiki.ubuntulinux.jp/Mocchi?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=2.takashi_grid_analyze.png
> I put some basic and most needed information in the top. And I put much
> text information to bottom. This layout will be good for several kind of
> users, both newcomer and elder.
> What I mean is not pushing my design but I prefer your mocup to current
> ubuntustudio.com design. It's simple and easy to wathch. But there is
> not so many information...
> If you need my help and work, I have some time to help you till this
> weekend. I can uunderstand and use the W3C's specification for (X)HTML,
> CSS 2.0, JavaScript(ECMA Script), PHP 4 and 5. I'm willing to help you
> with drupal if we share the basic source like MySQL data or theme
> templates and so on. It'S a pretty sad that I usually use the other engines.
> Cheers!
> Takashi Sakamoto
> o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp
> (2010年10月04日 07:07), Scott Lavender wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 7:08 PM, Benjamin Turner
>> <passionsplaydesign at gmail.com <mailto:passionsplaydesign at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     I would second not throwing out any concepts right off the bat.  I
>>     think though that perhaps we should redirect where this thread is
>>     going.  Before we get down to eliminating or zeroing in on any
>>     'theme' we should really take a hard look as to how we want this
>>     website to function for the Ubuntu Studio community.
>>     I'd like to try and summarize some things:
>>     The current site at ubuntustudio.org <http://ubuntustudio.org/> is a
>>     brochure site - it is very simple, and establishes a sort of
>>     creative vibe- all the while smacking you in the face with DOWNLOAD
>>     -- 1 2 3! This is exactly what we (traditionally) want the visitor
>>     to do - try THIS distro.
>>     I took some time to whip up sitemap for the existing site, and also
>>     one for the eventual 'revamped' one, using the elements that we have
>>     going on the wiki.  In addition, I worked a wireframe over a
>>     screenshot of the original site.
>>     What becomes apparent to me while looking over these site maps is
>>     that people are brainstorming for a much more dynamic (and
>>     complicated) website, one that begins to blur the lines between the
>>     wiki, the forums, and the website, perhaps taking on aspects of a
>>     social networking site (I'm thinking specifically about the
>>     submissions, polls, and other things that would require someone to
>>     create a profile).
>>     But do we have the energy/time/skill?
>>     I think that many of these things sound cool.  I would ask ourselves
>>     if we (and future users/contributors) will have the energy to create
>>     and maintain one MORE online persona.  Maybe, maybe not.  Perhaps
>>     this 'social connection' role could be filled by other existing
>>     sites?  I'm thinking about the deviantART and Flikr user groups for
>>     inkscape.  Are there other sites out there that could facilitate the
>>     creation of Music Creation Communities?  To put it another way, do
>>     we have people here wanting to code and maintain that sort of
>>     community in relation to the Ubuntu Studio Website?
>>     Where are we going?
>>     In the end I feel we should more clearly describe where Ubuntu
>>     Studio is moving, and how we envision using it, and by extension,
>>     how we will use the website.
>>     For me I first came to Ubuntu Studio because it was built on the
>>     back of Ubuntu's Gnome install, but with an eye to a more
>>     specialized and 'professional' grade of computer user.  This being
>>     said, there are still a few other applications I install that are
>>     not included in the base installation (Who doesn't?)  I can see the
>>     Ubuntu Studio project becoming a nexus of creative energy.  Taking
>>     the best things out there, and making them work well together, all
>>     the while documenting the processes, and making it easy for new
>>     users (both to Linux, AND to art creation)  to create high quality
>>     digital art creations.
>>     Let me know if this resonates with anyone.  Where do others see our
>>     goals being?
>>     -- Benjamin
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>> I hope to address some of the questions in this email later this week.
>> Properly identifying the audience and the purpose of the website is
>> critical in order to make the website useful.  I have given it quite a
>> bit of thought but haven't really devoted time to fleshing it out and
>> writing it down.
>> However, in that fashion I have been working on this mock-up for the
>> past two weeks while exploring audience and purpose:
>> http://www.fossmusicproject.org/public/images/website-mockup-3.png
>> I trust that most people will find this mock-up far superior to my last
>> one ;)
>> Comments are encouraged and welcomed (even ones that say it sucks).
>> ScottL
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