Dependency problem between ubuntustudio-font-meta and ttf-symbol-replacement-wine1.3

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Tue Nov 2 23:02:33 GMT 2010

 On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 12:31 AM, Takashi Sakamoto
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> Hi,
> I utilize wine1.3 from Wine Team's PPA and have a dependency
> problembetween ubuntustudio-font-meta and ttf-symbol-replacement.
> In detail, please read my post to ubuntu-wine-team.
> Of cource I'm sure that it's a user's own risk to use some packages from
> PPA. But the latest wine package is very useable with some windows
> binary of VST plugins. I daily use FeSTige for these plugins and it
> works fine with Wine1.3.
> So can we modify next ubuntustudio-font-meta package's dependency for
> both of ttf-symbol-replacement and ttf-symbol-replacement-wine1.X? This
> may avoid making users confused.
> Regards
> Takashi Sakamoto
> o-takashi at
Hi Takashi,

Uninstalling ttf-symbol-replacement will NOT remove all of the other fonts
in the font meta, nor will it remove the other packages in the graphics
meta, it will merely remove the empty meta packages themselves.  It is safe
to replace this at will.

Because ttf-symbol-replacement-wine1.X is not in ubuntu's repositories but
rather in a non-Ubuntu-Studio related PPA I personally don't agree with the
requested change to the font-meta.  We should not be listing non-repository
packages in our metas unless the Ubuntu Studio team has a direct connection
to them.

This is obviously just my opinion, but because the conflict is a harmless
one anyways, I don't think there is much motivation to change the way things
are currently.  Sorry if this causes unnessecary stress or confusion.

-Eric Hedekar
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