Non-coder contribution: hardware testing

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at
Fri May 28 05:45:21 BST 2010


I saw this tab open in my browser and it had a workaround:

It said to switch the jumper on the drive to "cable select".  I can't
find the message that sent me that link; but I think it was someone on
ubuntu-studio-users; or else it was a link from one of the pages from
Kirko's links.  I noticed in the above Launchpad question that Ubuntu
Studio was not mentioned, so maybe it is more general.  Puzzling that
Ubuntu can find the drive when booted from a USB stick.

Back to Ubuntu Studio 10.04 booted from the hard drive: The CD/DVD
drive still does not appear in the Places menu, but it is in
Places>Computer.  If I put an audio CD in, Audio Disk appears in both
the Places menu and the Places>Computer file browser window.  If I
right-click on the Audio Disk in the Places menu, I get this error:
"Could not open location 'cdda://sr0/'
     Failed to exexute child process "sound-juicer" (no such file or directory)"

Right-clicking in the Places>computer file browser window opens a
normal contextual menu.

If you want to change any of this behavior, I am willing to test
patches.  I was led to believe that the "slave" jumper setting was
standard, which is troubling...if that's how most people's drives are
set up, there could be a lot of Ubuntu machines without working HP
840d drives.

I have an ECS motherboard with an AMD 64 processor (2800+ ? not sure)
and ATI Radeon built-in graphics.  If you want more detail, please ask
and I'll try to track it down.


Paul in Seattle

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