10_disable_interfaces.patch for gnome-network-admin

Scott Lavender scottalavender at gmail.com
Wed May 26 18:32:59 BST 2010


Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Scott Lavender and I am working
with the Ubuntu Studio developers.  I am contacting you specifically because
of an issue Ubuntu Studio users are having with gnome-network-admin,
specifically the 10_disable_interfaces.patch, which you attended more often
than others in the gnome-network-admin changelog.

gnome-network-admin is included with by default in Ubuntu Studio as
network-manager was found to cause latency issues while recording audio,
which you can recognize this was viewed as an appreciable problem given the
nature of Ubuntu Studio.

However, anyone attempting to configure networking after a fresh install of
Ubuntu Studio are stymied due to the disabled interface in
gnome-network-admin.  You may view the bug here:

What I am asking from you is removal of the 10_disable_interfaces.patch in
gnome-network-admin for the upcoming Maverick release.  This would allow
Ubuntu Studio users, on a fresh install, to properly configure their
networking to allow for internet access.

Since it appears that network-manager is favoured over gnome-network-admin
in a vanilla Ubuntu desktop installation, and therefore not installed by
default, I would suggest that this would not be a regression for desktop
users.  I verified that gnome-network-admin is not installed on a vanilla
Ubuntu desktop on my laptop (which uses a vanilla Ubuntu desktop
installation) and by the release manifest page for Lucid:

Addressing this issue would resolve one of our user's greatest complaints.

I look forward to further correspondence on this issue.

Scott Lavender
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