UbuntuStudio controls redesign

Ricardo Lameiro ricardolameiro at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 18:51:03 BST 2010

Hello everyone.
I had some ideas growing about the ubuntustudio controls. to make it more
easy to work with and expand it.

I made some sketch about it
the Inkskape SVG link https://files.one.ubuntu.com/q19pn6SnQ8W3SuEIVr2QfA
The PDF version https://files.one.ubuntu.com/XG8iE4f-SPy04uiFb9EFPw

The idea is to continuing using python and GTKBuilder, as the programming
Implementing a way to add easily known PPAs that have newer releases for
Audio/graphic/Video/3D APPs
Implement a way to scan and test the user system , making it easier to the
user to spot config faults, helping the user to have the most of the machine

Please any ideas are welcome and any python and perl coders are also welcome
:D (the arch linux is in Perl, hence asking for Perl know how)
Also I would need some direction on where  can we discuss this mater, which
wiki or webpage etc..

I think its all.

Ricardo Lameiro

Fagote / Contrafagote
Bassoon / Contra-bassoon
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