Kernel testing

ailo at
Tue Dec 7 17:50:12 GMT 2010

I noticed Alessio asked Tims opinion on whether or not the lowlatency 
kernel is needed.
I don't know what has been suggested or talked about in the past, so 
forgive me if I repeat something here.

Could this be a list of reasons?

* live audio
* firewire devices (some say they need rt to get ok performance)
* stability ?
* monitoring (When recording. Perhaps not the most crucial, since it can 
easily be substituted with external tools)

Maybe someone in this mail-list does tests to determine whether or not 
the generic kernel can do these things as well as the 
lowlatency/realtime kernels?

I would like to take part in that if possible. Maybe there are some 
scripts that are used to do testing?

If not, maybe we can write one?


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