Three problems

Alessio Igor Bogani abogani at
Mon Oct 19 22:33:10 BST 2009

Hi All,

Apologize for my very bad English but 1) I can't ever speak/write
English correctly 2) It is very late in Italy and I'm very tired.

Unfortunately this is a *urgent* message so I can't refer.

Meanwhile I'm working on Bug #452772 I incur in three problems about linux-rt:

#1 When the closed video drivers are just updated (in my case after a
"sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y") they don't be
built against linux-rt automatically (but it is works on -generic).

#2 When system get updates that require initrd image rebuild only
-generic being rebuilt.

Problems #1 and #2 are not much serious but #3 is a lot!

#3 On my machine with 14-generic and 9-rt installed I can boot
14-generic only if I remove 9-rt (!!!).
I obtain: "udevadm trigger is not permitted while udev is
unconfigured". Please note that fix should be already available for it
since 15 Oct so the problem _is_ linux-rt installed.

I'm starting to suspect that we have a little insidious bug in
packaging. Anyone else could confirm or not these problems?

Hope in fast feedback.


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