Lucid Lynx - Why it will rock.

Cory K. coryisatm at
Mon Oct 19 21:36:52 BST 2009

Because we will command it to be so. :)

All kidding aside, I'm considering throwing my hat back in the ring for 
this next cycle. My schedule will keep me more on Luke's time online but 
that's just how it is. Any objections?

So. What do we wanna tackle?

    * JACK in main.
    * New art (James (dashua) and I will tackle this)
    * LOTS of bug fixin'. *-controls and *-settings bugs are drivin' me
      nuts. Looks like *-controls needs love as well.

Now I have a proposal for the site I wanted to run by you guys 1st 
before I put it on the list. :) I'm thinking /if/ we can't do a complete 
site overhaul we point our domains to the wiki. The site has just been 
too much of a hassle without someone dedicated to maintain it. Y/N?

Since Lucid is an LTS I think it's important we get a plan and put it 
into action as soon as we can.

I have started a page to has out things:

-Cory K. \m/
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