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On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 4:46 PM, Eric Hedekar <afterthebeep at gmail.com> wrote:

> Cory suggested on IRC that I write a quick proposal on this and run it by
> the list, so here goes (please offer any opinion you may have on the
> matter):
> I'd like to create an Ubuntu Studio Testers team on Launchpad.  The purpose
> of this team would be to thoroughly test the development version of Ubuntu
> Studio.  This team would help to solve a number of current testing
> issues/problems, they include but are not limited to:
>    - No/small testing community.  We currently only have a user and
> development community structure.  This team would create belonging amongst
> testers which would likely result in more active testing (I've received a
> handful of direct e-mails re:testing Ubuntu Studio).  People would have to
> actively remove themselves from the testing group to stop receiving
> notifications & e-mails, rather than just forgetting about their commitment.
>    - No formal communication channel for testers.  Currently testing
> results are published to the entire ubuntu studio development or users
> mailing list (inconsistent behavior) - there's no formal policy for how to
> report test results (other than ISO test results).  This team would include
> a launchpad mailing list that would allow for questions on testing, testing
> coordination, discussion of test results, and subscription to the ISO build
> notifier, all without overburdening either the users or dev mailing lists.
> This would also allow for a larger number of testing requests without
> annoying our user base.
>    - Lack of organized testing.  We currently only have organized ISO
> testing.  This team would be in charge of building a suite of tests for
> Ubuntu Studio and ensuring that they are met across releases, this includes
> notifying the developers should the tests fail.
> I would imagine this team could be used to follow important bugs, create
> testing scripts, and build wiki documentation on testing the software
> shipped with Ubuntu Studio.
> I'd be quite willing to create and lead this team, as well as announce it's
> creation on the ubuntu studio mailing lists, qa mailing list, and bugsquad
> mailing list.
> Essentially I'd like to create a means for Ubuntu Studio testers to work
> together more effectively.
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+1 from me.

Anything that will improve testing is a good thing.

I think that there are many people that want to help but do not have
experience or knowledge to do it.  This could provide a ready gateway for
them to do so.  They help us and learn in the process.
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