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Eric Hedekar afterthebeep at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 22:46:58 GMT 2009

Cory suggested on IRC that I write a quick proposal on this and run it by
the list, so here goes (please offer any opinion you may have on the

I'd like to create an Ubuntu Studio Testers team on Launchpad.  The purpose
of this team would be to thoroughly test the development version of Ubuntu
Studio.  This team would help to solve a number of current testing
issues/problems, they include but are not limited to:
   - No/small testing community.  We currently only have a user and
development community structure.  This team would create belonging amongst
testers which would likely result in more active testing (I've received a
handful of direct e-mails re:testing Ubuntu Studio).  People would have to
actively remove themselves from the testing group to stop receiving
notifications & e-mails, rather than just forgetting about their commitment.
   - No formal communication channel for testers.  Currently testing results
are published to the entire ubuntu studio development or users mailing list
(inconsistent behavior) - there's no formal policy for how to report test
results (other than ISO test results).  This team would include a launchpad
mailing list that would allow for questions on testing, testing
coordination, discussion of test results, and subscription to the ISO build
notifier, all without overburdening either the users or dev mailing lists.
This would also allow for a larger number of testing requests without
annoying our user base.
   - Lack of organized testing.  We currently only have organized ISO
testing.  This team would be in charge of building a suite of tests for
Ubuntu Studio and ensuring that they are met across releases, this includes
notifying the developers should the tests fail.

I would imagine this team could be used to follow important bugs, create
testing scripts, and build wiki documentation on testing the software
shipped with Ubuntu Studio.
I'd be quite willing to create and lead this team, as well as announce it's
creation on the ubuntu studio mailing lists, qa mailing list, and bugsquad
mailing list.
Essentially I'd like to create a means for Ubuntu Studio testers to work
together more effectively.

- Eric Hedekar
Vice President of Vancouver Pro Musica Society
Ubuntu Studio Developer
Web Designer & Audio Artist
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