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Rafa galvesband at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 19:42:32 BST 2009

Hi everyone.

My name is Rafael Gálvez-Cañero. I'm another potential tester. I was willing 
to just watch the steps followed by Asmo Koskinen, but given that I was 
mentioned in his answer to the message I'm answering right now and the last 
question your message does, I'll step in (if you dont mind :)).

> Awesome! Will definitely get in contact with you when the testing
> cycle of 9.10 starts.
You can write my name in the same contact list.
> Everything working fine in 9.04?
The answer to this question is directly related to my mail to Asmo and my 
willing to test upcoming ubuntu-studio releases. My personal area of interest 
is DAW (Ardour and Jack at least), but in the current 9.04 I experienced a 
sort of showstopper bug. I think the next two bugs express my issue and are 
the same one indeed.


My summary: at some point the rt kernel freeze: under gnome (vanilla 
ubuntustudio, audio tasksel) it seems to freeze keyboard and mouse, but some 
things like progress bars continue to be animated; under kde (kubuntu + 
ubuntustudio-audio) it just freeze. It seems to be relateed to the rt kernel 
(the -generic kernel is not affected), smp (booting with nosmp seems to solve 
the inmediate problem) and the network stack (not loading network drivers or 
just "ifconfig ethX down" for your active networks interfaces seems to solve 
the problem too). According to the bug reports, different kinds of hardware are 
involved (including amd and intel processors and different network interfaces).

I contacted Asmo to ask about the kernel he is using and his integration with 
the rest of the ubuntustudio packages, hoping to find a solution or a clue 
about the above bugs and allowing me at the same time to use Ardour and other 
audio programs without having to choose another distro (Ubuntu is my distro of 
choice, but i suppose i can live with studio64 for six months until 9.10, if 
works). I would like to help testing 9.10 for this reason too.

Thanks in advance for any provided advice. Rafa.
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