Ubuntu Studio Testers

Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at arkki.info
Tue Jun 2 17:54:55 BST 2009

Luis de Bethencourt kirjoitti:

> On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 12:27 PM, Asmo Koskinen <asmo.koskinen at arkki.info> wrote:
>> I have just build latest rt patched kernel for Ubuntu Studio 9.04. I
>> have both Ubuntu Studio 8.04 and 9.04 and they are both x86_64.
>> http://www.arkki.info/howto/Ubuntu_Studio/Jaunty/Kernel-
>> http://www.arkki.info/howto/Ubuntu_Studio/Jaunty/Kernel-
> Awesome! Will definitely get in contact with you when the testing
> cycle of 9.10 starts.
> Everything working fine in 9.04?

Yes - knock, knock ;-) - I think so.

I recorded about one hour today from Delta 66 to the AudioFire4 like 
this way in same desktop machine.

Delta 66/Alsa/VLC/Radio Paradise > Speakers > Phantom Microphone > 
AudioFire4/jackd/Ardour2, it was ok.

Another tester, Rafael Gálvez-Cañero, contacted me, too. I'll write him 
later tonight what I did for that latest and greatest rt kernel.

Yes, really. I want make Ubuntu Studio better. I can't write code, but I 
know how to use gears and programs.

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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