Fonts in the Graphics Meta

Cory K. coryisatm at
Mon Jul 20 21:51:20 BST 2009

Eric Hedekar wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I was up late working on a poster and for the life of me couldn't find
> the perfect font for the job.  That's when I did an 'apt-cache search
> font' and realized that there's a massive cornucopia of font packages
> in the repositories awaiting my install.  That's when I thought to
> myself:  "Self, why aren't these font packages part of the Ubuntu
> Studio graphics meta package?"
> I think it would be organizationally best (if the list concurs that
> fonts in the graphics package would be good) to have a font meta
> package that is in turn a dependency of the graphics meta (simply
> because the sheer number of font packages would clutter the graphics
> package if added directly).  The other question on my mind is "would
> it be okay to include non-free fonts in this meta?" and for that I
> turn the floor over to those more experienced...

I think this is a great idea actually. But, we should only ship free fonts.

@Eric: Could you compile a list of font packages available in Main and

-Cory K.

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