Fonts in the Graphics Meta

Eric Hedekar afterthebeep at
Mon Jul 20 19:21:15 BST 2009

Hey everyone,

I was up late working on a poster and for the life of me couldn't find
the perfect font for the job.  That's when I did an 'apt-cache search
font' and realized that there's a massive cornucopia of font packages
in the repositories awaiting my install.  That's when I thought to
myself:  "Self, why aren't these font packages part of the Ubuntu
Studio graphics meta package?"

I think it would be organizationally best (if the list concurs that
fonts in the graphics package would be good) to have a font meta
package that is in turn a dependency of the graphics meta (simply
because the sheer number of font packages would clutter the graphics
package if added directly).  The other question on my mind is "would
it be okay to include non-free fonts in this meta?" and for that I
turn the floor over to those more experienced...

-Eric Hedekar


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