Adding Xwax to the Audio Meta?

Eric Hedekar afterthebeep at
Tue Aug 18 21:09:07 BST 2009

Hey Developers,

I was just curious if you thought adding Xwax to the
audio meta packages was a good idea.  It just recently got put into Karmic's
repositories (is uploading as I type).
My arguments for:
  - Very stable DJ tool
  - Lightweight (about 30KB) so adding it to the metas will almost go
unnoticed by those who don't need it
  - Is Jack aware
My thoughts why not:
  - Mixxx does the same thing and is already in the metas though mixxx is
not jack aware ( Bug #360590 ) and is quite often unstable on people systems
(not performance ready) due partly to it's large size and feature set.

Essentially, xwax is a sharper knife for DJs that want to use timecoded
vinyl.  It's jack aware, stable, and fast.  Mixxx does this job too, but
until jack is in main it's relegated to poor audio performance and can get
quite clunky for the end user.

Adding Xwax (with no menu entry, or gui start feature - started via command
line only because of all the settings needed upon launch) will go literally
unnoticed by most, but any DJ will be very happy to find it already on their

I vote that it should be included simply because there's not enough reason
to keep it out.  What are your thoughts?

-Eric Hedekar

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