Luke - libffado Main Inclusion Report

Scott Lavender slavender at
Wed Aug 12 04:13:21 BST 2009


Here is the Main Inclusion Report for libffado.

A few notes:

1. I have not filed a bug report and subscribed 'ubuntu-mir' to it at
this time.

2. There were numerous things that I was not definitive on, so a good
once over would be appreciated.

3. And there were things that I could not even make a reasonable guess
at this time due to my ignorance.  These include:
 * Security: binaries running as root/daemons?
 * Quality Assurance: test suite in the upstream source?
 * Standards Compliance: FHS/Debian Policy?
 * Standards Compliance: Packaging system/patch system/packaging

Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance with this

And anything that you (or anyone else) want to explain to me about this
process or any of the questions I attempted to answer would be greatly
appreciated.  I wish to learn as much as I can.

Scott Lavender

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