[LAU] Ubuntu Studio 8.10, -rt and 2.6.27

Cory K. coryisatm at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 1 21:03:13 BST 2008

Hartmut Noack wrote:
> Cory K. schrieb:
> >     * Shipping the -generic kernel with this 8.10 release of Ubuntu
> >       Studio and let people compile their own -rt kernel.
> This could be done in any Distro so there would not be a real
> Ubuntustudio anymore.

I don't agree completely since our focus is not *just* audio, though we
know that's our biggest user segment.

> The major strength of UBuntustudio is its
> near-perfect integration of a audiosystem with a friendly desktop-distro.
> I can run VMWare and NVIDIA-Drivers easily with the UBuntu rt kernel
> would be a major p.i.t.a. do make stuff like that run with a self made
> kernel.

These could also be the very things you lose.

> >     * Ship a out-of-sync 2.6.26-rt kernel, hoping for a Stable Update
> >       Release in Intrepid with .27 later.
> This would be perfectly acceptable for me :-)
> best regs
> BTW: what is so extremely important in .27? new hardwaresupport not
> achievable with .26?

Much better suspend/resume support along with many bug-fixes and device

-Cory K.

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