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Sat Nov 15 16:00:01 GMT 2008

ttoine at wrote:
> Nedko Arnaudov a écrit :
>> "Cory K." <coryisatm at> writes:
>>> I'm *thinkin'* of droppin' the #009bf9 blue and adopting the mainline
>>> Ubuntu colors. I'd still use our dark theme, just use orange instead of
>>> blue. Human icon set. The idea is to just look a *little* more Ubuntu.
>>> :) Just an idea.
>>> Thoughts?
>> I like the blue in Ubuntu Studio much more than orange in Ubuntu. It
>> gives it more state of art look. And I think it is better suited for
>> something looking "professional" than orange that calls for joy of life,
>> sunset, etc.
> What about focusing more about choosing an packaging applications, user
> friendlyness and rt kernel, more than color and theme?

You imply that one is more important than the other. If you have issue
with "packaging applications, user
friendliness and rt kernel", make it a separate thread. Don't hijack
this one.

> I ask this question because Intrepid is worse than Hardy LTS to make
> music... (stability of rt kernel, etc...),

Yep. So use Hardy. It's what we even recommend in the release notes.

> making 64Studio a better
> choice today for that purpose.

Use what works best for you.

And honestly, I take offense to posts like this from someone who was
*supposed* to be on our team, was even flown to the states for a UDS,
and did *nothing*. Help us make things better. Don't complain about
things when you know nothing of the situation. Ask questions.

-Cory K.

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