Moving onto a new level with UbuntuStudio

SzerencseFia szerencsefia at
Wed May 14 11:29:30 BST 2008

ttoine at wrote:
> Hey,
> Nice work. In general, with dark themes, a problem I want to highlight
> is that black text on dark gray background is not easy to read on laptop
> screens. It is a harder problem, when on battery, with less light on screen.
> Would it be possible to find a way that in menu, windows,etc.  (not on
> applications if white backgroud, of course), text would be in blue or
> any light color ? It would be great to have a visual solution for next
> Ubuntu Studio.
> Toine

Thanks Toine, I work 7/24 on Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop therefore I understand your concern.
What I need is feedback on your experience during the time using a particular theme.
As UbuntuStudio is a dark colorized based distro this issue is something that needs to be
taken into account.

I experiment LUX and I put the colors together with exactly your points.

So, Let me know what do are you running into during ths time using LUX theme.

Cheers, Erno [Szerencsefia]

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