hollunder at hollunder at
Fri May 2 11:13:24 BST 2008

Is the leader of the documentation team Murat Güneş? And if so, is he
still not available?

I feel the need to write a quick jack starter guide for new users,
which covers the absolute basics to work with jack. But I need some
advice, mainly because there are at least 3 articles that are similar,
but don't really do the trick. Additionally, I never edited a wiki

The guide, as I imagine it, in short words:

1. Make sure you have the rt-kernel

2. Make the appropriate settings in ubuntu studio controls

3. Make the necessary, stable settings in qjackctl, something like:
frames 1024, periods3, rt

4. How to make basic connections using qjackctl, patchage

Similar Articles:

Advice appreciated.

Best Regards,

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