Yvan Vander Sanden yvan at
Wed Jan 30 13:33:49 GMT 2008

Cory K. wrote:
> If you want to work with us the official place for documentation will
> be: and I've given you the name of
> our Doc guy. Or hit _MMA_, luisbg or jussi01 up on IRC.
I agree that as far as a support forum goes, we'd better try to 
integrate with the existing Ubuntu forums because lots of issues are 
general ubuntu issues.

however, 'documentation' in my opinion goes further than helping people 
to get a program running. An Ubuntu studio documentation project should 
(i think) guide people on how to actually use the software. Giving them 
some tutorials, references and tips.

Now, you could argue that something like that should be related to the 
program itself, not to Ubuntu Studio. And maybe it should. But on the 
other hand, if Ubuntu's aim of making it easy for people to use Linux is 
important, consistent documentation on applications used in Ubuntu 
Studio could be very useful. After all, not all applications are very 
well documented on their projects' website. And certainly not all 
programmers are equally good in making documentation that is best fit 
for new users.

I think that a section with well written documentation could be very 
important for the future growth of our users. But it should not be in 
the form of a forum or some randomly linked tutorials. It should be made 
in a consistent, easy to understand manner. Maybe a bit like if you're 
expecting it to be printed as a book.

But of course, it remains to be seen if enough people would work on 
something like that.



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