Move limits.conf settings to -audio task?

Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Jan 13 15:25:17 GMT 2008

hollunder at wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 09:09:37 -0500
> "Cory K." <coryisatm at> wrote:
>> This should have been a separate thread as it has nothing to do with
>> the subject.
>> This will _not_ get set in a new package as it would mean another
>> package to maintain. We are creating a app that will allow users to
>> set items in limits.conf. I will ask about the possibility of setting
>> the limits.conf stuff in the -audio package but realize things aren't
>> as easy as they might seem.
>> Touching limits.conf means editing another packages file. Thats a no
>> no in alot of people's minds. Moving where we set it might raise some
>> eyebrows.
>> I suggest people use that or learn a little more about the system and
>> apps they are trying to use.
>> -Cory
> I don't know anything about packaging, so I also don't know the hassles
> of maintaining an additional package. As far as I understand it it
> shouldn't matter if it is where it is now or in audio, it manipulates
> another packages files in both cases.
> Where will you place the package? Will the user be able to find it
> initially and know what to do? Else it's rather senseless imho.

Its not "in" anything a user will actually see. It would most likely end
up in a post-install script as part of the .deb.

Also, what has to be considered is installing this package (updated
-audio package) on a existing system can overwrite a users existing
.conf. A BIG no no (but not unheard of). Many more people install the
-audio meta than the -settings package so we are gonna have to weigh the
impact of the move *if* it happens.

> The thing I (and obviously not only I) am worried about is the initial
> user experience. Users that don't want the Desktop (and there
> are quite some reasons for that) currently get a not-working audio
> system. That's just, uhm, well.. yeah..

One could always grab -settings by itself but that will change some
other things users might not want.

> You probably know yourself how informative the wiki currently is and
> how many people usually give support on irc and what pain that same
> thing was at the initial release of ubuntu studio.

Actually, the things we set in limits.conf were taken directly from the
wiki which actually existed before we officially became a distro. :) That
page is linked to a couple of times throughout the Ubuntu Studio wiki pages.

The team will look at whats best from a technical POV (which sadly
trumps a users POV too often) and do the best we can.

Best thing to do might be to educate users on our upcoming
ubuntustudio-controls app. Which aims to address common settings among
multimedia production users.


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