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Sun Feb 10 13:49:43 GMT 2008

Hello my friends! After chatting in the IRC #ubuntustudio I was invited to
make a suggestion to the developers of ubuntustudio: to make some
As I experienced, videotutorials are an easy and fast way to learn a lot
about a program. And I believe it's easier to make a videotutorial than to
write one: all one have to do is to install a screencapture program, and
talk to the microphone to explain what one is doing (or if one doesn't have
a microphone, one can post-edit the video with text messages).

I'm a newbie to linux, but I'm not a newbie to audio/MIDI related issues. I
would like to help, but I'm just a starter to this journey of audio apps in
What do you guys think of the idea? Please reply to my email. Thank you all.

Have some good mixes ;)

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