Common settings app for Ubuntu Studio

Andrew Hunter andrew at
Fri Nov 30 00:50:14 GMT 2007

Toby Smithe wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-11-25 at 12:36 +0000, Andrew Hunter wrote:
>> Luis de Bethencourt wrote:
>>> Since I know that in C file handling (because of how string handling
>>> works) is hell. I will look this evening how python file handling
>>> works...
>> Python's file handeling is actually very good. I respectfully put 
>> forward that we use python for this application.
> I would agree that Python is probably an appropriate language for this
> application.

An update on the progress of ubuntustudio-controls. There has been a 
project page opened on launchpad [1]. Currently the only code written is 
a generic class for finding, adding and updating strings on arbitrary 
files. With this in place it will be simple for the gui to implement the 
requested functionality via instancing the class and passing on the 
required information. The development branch is available from LP [2].

Toby, I also saw the bug you filed regarding alsa and -controls. If 
there is already an application in development to do this, then great. I 
would be happy to render whatever assistance I can. Perhaps you should 
take a look at and see if it is applicable to the 

Also, on IRC crimsun mentioned that:

[00:30] < crimsun> well, the script itself is already deprecated [thanks 
to PulseAudio]

iirc, that was in regards to asoundconf-ui. Is this the case?




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