menu categories [open question for users]

Steve Lindsay stephen.a.lindsay at
Wed Jun 6 13:20:46 BST 2007

On 6/6/07, Jacob Creedon <jcreedon at> wrote:
>  -Recording/Editing (I can only think of one, maybe two, pieces of recording
> software that doesn't also edit)
> -Sequencing
> -Synthesizers
> -Effects and Signal Processing
> -Other/Misc

I reckon those categories are pretty much spot on for the apps that I
use (there are a zillion other apps there that are in the menu that I
have no idea what they do so I can't comment on how they should be
organised :)

One suggestion I do have however, is that perhaps it's worth looking
at reducing how many apps are installed by default? I know we all have
our favourite apps, however for a new user it might be nicer if there
are only a couple of apps under each of the main submenus? Would be a
bit less daunting and a bit more Ubuntu-like?

Choosing which apps are installed is obviously the tough bit, but I
suspect for most categories the really popular apps are relatively
obvious (Ardour, rosegarden, hydrogen etc.). And at the end of the day
all the other apps are available in the repo's.

New to the list so apologies if this suggestion has already been
discussed and/or discounted.


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