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Sat Nov 24 02:45:03 GMT 2007

I'm Colin Dean, a.k.a. Rhettigan, and I'm on both sides of the desk. I'm 
a Masters student in Education at Robert Morris University in Moon 
Township, Pennsylvania (home of Pittsburgh International Airport) and I 
teach software applications and programming at ITT Technical Institute 
in Youngstown, Ohio.

I've been using Ubuntu since Warty, but have only recently moved to it 
nearly full-time. I've been using Linux since 2001 or so, having started 
with an old Linux distro called Lin4Win and the once-great OS BeOS. See 
my Ubuntu wikipage for more of my backstory details.

I can program, I can write, and I can publish. I'm a grammar nazi* and 
am naturally adept at public relations. I ran my undergrad newspaper for 
two years.

I've successfully won at least two Linux users--one full time, one part 
time. My parents would be using it, too, if Interealty didn't suck and 
require Internet Explorer, ActiveX, and Windows (no way around it, 
tried). Gradequick doesn't work well on Linux, either.

I'm also a stickler for interaction design (a.k.a. human-computer 
interaction, a.k.a. usability).

So there's my Linux-related skills in a nutshell.

Colin Dean
	posting from Louisville, Kentucky
	who is using Windows to type this because the rt2x00 driver for Linux 
causes kernel panics when in ad-hoc mode

*Godwin's broken on fifth post on the list; booyah.

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