Alvin Gao ag5594 at
Sat Nov 24 00:15:43 GMT 2007

Okay, since everyone else is making introduction thingies, I decided to 
follow suit.

I am Alvin Gao (picard_pwns_kirk) and I live in Central Ohio. I am 13 
years old (as of now) and started using Linux in May. I first used 
Ubuntu, hopped to many others, went back to Ubuntu, and then went to 
Debian. Maybe I'll move on, maybe not.

I first joined when desertc (Matthew Craig) messaged me, asking me to 
join. I spent a while figuring out to get a GPG key, and signed the 
Ubuntu Code of Conduct. I then joined the Ubuntu Students project, and 
am a (semi) active member in the group.

This explains it all, basically.

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