[Bug 1785993] Re: Please merge mpv 0.29 from Debian

Doug McMahon 1785993 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Aug 9 10:52:34 UTC 2018

This is what I've found concerning wayland, vappi &  current mpv (-- is
for cli use only

--hwdec= or --hwdec=yes or  --hwdec=auto  # hwdec using vaapi-copy w/
deco, terminal warnings, error lines

--gpu-context=x11egl --hwdec=vaapi-copy  # hwdec w/ deco, no terminal
warnings, errors

--gpu-context=wayland --hwdec=vaapi-copy  # hwdec using vaapi-copy  w/
no deco

--gpu-context=wayland --hwdec=vaapi  # hwdec using vaapi  w/ no deco

So only the last one vaapi & that option set is not compatible with X

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  Please merge mpv 0.29 from Debian

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  Please merge mpv 0.29 from Debian


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