[Bug 1024383] Re: update-grub generates only BIOS based menu entries for Windows, even on UEFI systems

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  update-grub generates only BIOS based menu entries for Windows, even
  on UEFI systems

Status in grub2 package in Ubuntu:
Status in os-prober package in Ubuntu:
Status in grub2 package in Debian:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  64bits computer with pre-installed EFI Windows 7. (remark: same bug if

  Installed Ubuntu 64bits in dual-boot. GRUB (grub-efi) is correctly
  installed and allows to boot Ubuntu, but it does not allow to boot

  Its menu shows 2 INVALID Windows entries. When selecting these
  entries, it displays "Invalid EFI file path" error, and returns to
  GRUB menu.

  It appears that GRUB creates BIOS/mbr entries when it should be
  UEFI/gpt type entries.

  *********************** WORKAROUND **************************

  either boot Windows from the (EFI) BIOS menu, or add valid Windows entries via Boot-Repair.

  (original thread in French: http://forum.ubuntu-
  fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=10010231#p10010231 )

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