[Bug 571162] Re: Interface does not respont to mouse clicks (Lucid)

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at debian.at
Wed Apr 28 11:31:41 BST 2010

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 528957 ***

wesnoth 1.8 is not the default because it is explicitly meant to be
installable side-by-side with the wesnoth (1.6) branch. In the future
the wesnoth package will depend on the latest branch version, currently
this transition hasn't been done yet.

About this bug, it is a bug in SDL and it was said to be fixed in lucid-
proposed after the lucid release. For the time being you can switch to
fullscreen mode with ctrl-f and have the clicks work in there.


** This bug has been marked a duplicate of bug 528957
   mouse button clicks not detected in windowed mode

Interface does not respont to mouse clicks (Lucid)
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Status in “wesnoth-1.8” package in Ubuntu: New

Bug description:
Binary package hint: wesnoth-1.8

On starting up wesnoth-1.8 the front page appears and music plays. When the mouse is hovered over any of the buttons on that screen they become highlighted but unfortunately don't respond to clicks.  This makes it impossible to start a game or change preferences or use any of the other features of the interface making the program essentially useless.

The default Wesnoth (1.65) in lucid works fine on the same system.
This may be why 1.8 branch has to be specifically installed and is not the default Wesnoth branch?

Either way, 1.8 will be required to continue playing multi-player with others who have upgraded so it would be nice to get it working.

This problem can be duplicated on all 3 of my systems:
Pentium 4 based desktop with Radeon 9600 graphics card using open driver (Lucid 32bit)
Thinkpad T61p - Core2, nVidia card with proprietary driver (Lucid 64bit)
Thinkpad X60s - Core2, Intel GMA950 graphics (Lucid 64bit)

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