[Bug 363695] Re: update-apt-xapian-index uses too much CPU

John Sergeant john.sergeant at express.co.uk
Wed Apr 28 10:00:19 BST 2010

I'm seeing the same problem on my fully patched Lucid Kubuntu box (P4,
512 Mb of RAM). Specifically, using 'atop' reveals system crippling
levels of paging and disk reads - obviously the bottleneck on this
system is memory rather than processor.

That said, my problem is not with the cron.weekly entry - there is a
call to update-apt-xapian-index within my cron.daily/apt which seems to
apply after each automatic package list update.

I'm highly tempted to comment out both the weekly and daily lines or, perhaps, to unset the excutable bit on
update-apt-xapian-index (since this would cause both scripts to skip the call).

At least I'm not contemplating the sanity-sap that would be looking at
the source code yet...

update-apt-xapian-index uses too much CPU
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Status in “apt-xapian-index” package in Ubuntu: Confirmed

Bug description:
Binary package hint: apt-xapian-index

A background silent update process shouldn't use 98% CPU. It makes system sluggish with no visible reason.

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