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Michał Karnicki mkarnicki at
Tue May 25 14:52:00 BST 2010

Hello Daniel, hi everybody!

I think this official e-mail is a good follow-up on Sarah's previous e-mail.
I had good community bonding period, indeed :)

I got to know a few members of Ubuntu One team, and I have good contact with
my mentor. I update the blog whenever I do something that's worth mentioning
publicly. I dug through Android documentation, talked about
ubuntuone-java-storageprotocol to verterok (it's author) on IRC, played with
it's example code and added some basic CLI capability (such as cd & ls).

I did first mockups of my application in Balsamiq, in the mean time
collecting suggestions, opinions and feature requests via blog comments,
mails on ubuntuone-users list and even one wiki entry, from great and
supporting Ubuntu Community! It's really cool to see interest in the
project, very gratifying :) On Sun/Mon night I set up the project workspace
and prepared the log-in screen. That night (or already morning should I say)
I had a little, but imporant success of successful OAuth authorization using
oauth-signpost. I was very excited to have that work :) Later, between
Monday's evening and Tuesdays 4:00 o'clock morning I managed to implement
most of OAuth autorization against U1 in the Android app. And yes, I do
sleep, perhaps too little - but when I start hacking, it's too interesting
to stop O_o

All the info I have mentioned can be found on my blog: . I didn't update it yet with the lastest
news about the login, but I will as soon as I finish it. Then I plan to do
my first commit.

I hope everybody's having great time! Seeing how things start to work is one
of the things that makes me tic :)
Good luck all, keep this list updated as soon as you get something working ^


On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 9:26 AM, Daniel Holbach
<daniel.holbach at>wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> for those of you who have stared intently at
> this is no surprise, but the "Community Bonding Period" is over and I
> hope you all had a good chance to familiarise yourselves with the
> project, the people and maybe a bit with the tools already.
> Now is the time of the big planning ahead of the next few weeks and
> starting to get the first foundations laid for your project.
> I wish you all the best with your projects and we'd all appreciate to
> hear more about how it all works out for you and which nice successes
> you can already talk about.
> ROCK ON everybody,
>  Daniel
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