Adding RDP to Vinagre

Alexandre Vázquez alexandre.vazquez at
Tue Mar 30 15:00:13 BST 2010

 Hi to everyone,

First of all I want to introduce myself. I'm Alexandre (Alex) and I'm a
spanish student and I in my last year of  a Computer Engineering Degree. I
want to apply for the Project 'Adding RDP to Vinagre'. You can see details
of my proposal in my page in the ubuntu wiki. ( I do a technical degree
in System Administration and now I'm doing a speciality in Distributed

All theese years, I have some background work with RDP and similars protocos
and I developed many RFC protocols and distributed applications like that
(you can see at my Linkedin Profile

I'm talking with the mentor of the project but I want to know if anyone of
you want some ideas to do a great RDP support to vinagre that tsclient or
any other alternatives don't.

I want to work with this great team and with the all people that I can read

Cheers to everyone and good luck with your proposals!

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