Arvind S Raj sraj.arvind at
Tue Mar 30 07:24:56 BST 2010

I'm Arvind S Raj and am doing by Bachelors in Computer Science and
Engineering in Amrita School Of Engineering. I go by the IRC nick "dnivra"
on hang around whenever I get time when at college; at
home mostly there the whole time mainly in #ubuntu).

I would really like to work on this idea of implementing a truly system wide
proxy. I have made a page
<>with my name in Ubuntu
wiki. It is not complete: I am still working on the
idea; thought I'd add the page anyway with whatever content I have and
slowly keep adding more to it.

Thanks & Regards
Arvind S Raj
2nd Year, B.Tech CSE
Amrita School Of Engineering, Amritapuri Campus
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