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Orrin Jelo orrinjelo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 23:16:38 BST 2010

Hey guys,

I had an idea pop into my head today that might develop into something
sometime.  The more I see of Ubuntu One, the more I'm liking it.  The
launching of Ubuntu One music store especially has my interest.  Now this
(UO) is still all in the developmental stages, which is why this is merely
an idea now.

Let me begin here: I hate Apple.  Sure, they have a lot of good stuff, but I
have to download iTunes to buy from the iTunes store?!  Sure a lot of disk
space wasted just for a media player that won't sync with my music player
only to buy music (that's right, I don't have an iPod.  I have a Sansa!).
Plus, these files are usually m4a, which my version of player doesn't like
to play.  There's albums that I've been looking to buy that iTunes picked
up, but this really frustrates me (including that there is no iTunes support
on Linux).  If only they had a Songbird plugin...or a WMP plugin...or

So why not have UO support for Songbird as well?  Of course, you'd have to
work with Mozilla about this.  Also, what about cross-OS clients for UO?  Is
there something that says we cannot do this, or that it is impossible?

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