Introduction and some project ideas / questions :)

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Mon Mar 22 01:43:22 GMT 2010

Hi everybody!

My name is Dylan McCall. I'm a student at Simon Fraser University in
Canada, and I have been using Ubuntu for a long time. (And if my name
sounds familiar, I'm on the planet and I'm maintaining the project which
makes the little slideshow that plays when you install Ubuntu).

Feeling very confident about my abilities, I hope to participate in GSoC
this year so that I can spend my summer doing something productive and
awesome :)

Now, I have a big list of things I want to do, so I need to edit it down
to one or two really fantastic proposals...

      * So, I have one thought that came far out of left field: a robot
        programming game. Yes, all these practical project ideas and I
        want to make a _game_ for GSoC. Please, though, hear me out! A
        big effort that's going on in Ubuntu right now is appealing to
        opportunistic developers. Another step there, in my view, is to
        make it exciting for people who are learning programming on this
        platform. Some nice design and online goodies could do just what
        we want.Naturally, this is a bit

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