Yet another SOC 2010 project idea

Abhishek Sharma spyzer.abhishek0 at
Sat Mar 20 14:20:29 GMT 2010

Hello all,

I am a GSOC 2010 aspirant and have a project idea regarding Ubuntu
development. I am writing this hoping that SOC mentors shall give me some
feedback on the genuineness of the idea.
Well many end users of Linux still stick to the(I would rather say they love
to) GUI as offered by gnome. But to every GUI app there is always an
equivalent terminal app too, like for Rythmbox we have "cmus", for Network
Manager we have system-config-network-tui. Similarly we do have alternatives
for games. Thus the idea is to develop a port for every or many popular
gnome apps so that users who may experience any problems in the GUI or just
are intrigued to use terminal may click on the icon and open up the
corresponding terminal app e.g  on the Title bar of Rhythmbox we may have  a
small icon representing the terminal and as soon as the user clicks on it,
Rhythmbox closes and "gnome-terminal" opens up with cmus running on it.
That's all for the idea.

Any suggestion or opinion is welcome.

Thank You.

Abhishek Sharma
B-Tech Information Technology
Indian Institute of Information Technology(Amethi Campus)
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